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IBM Power i Specialist

Authorized IBM, Lenovo & Lexmark Business Partner

About MSI & Certifications

The company was established in January 1995 for the sole purpose of
supporting IBM AS/400 customers in the Greater Cincinnati area with the finest Marketing and Systems Engineering talent available.  We have passed IBM's tough certification standards to qualify for the highest IBM level as a Premiere Business Partner. 


Our company is built on the principles of offering quality products and providing outstanding service.  We believe mutual partnership is the key in any relationship.  We strive for long term partnerships.  We believe customers benefit the most when relationships last, just ask any of our clients...we have relationships dating back to 1984 with current clients.  They would be happy to talk with you about us. 


Our unique service has established our leadership position in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.  We have over 80 years experience on the IBM platform and customer installations. 


Midrange Solutions, Inc. achieves a high customer satisfaction level, 94% according to the latest IBM survey, because we put ourselves in our customer's shoes.# We explain the options and assist the customer in all aspects of their decisions.  We will be with you every step of the way.  Providing guidance that best suits your company's goals and objectives.



IBM Certifications:

2015 Certifications:
   Certified Specialist on Power i Systems
   Certified Specialist on IBM Storage Products
2014 Certifications:
   Certified Specialist on PureFlex & Power Systems i
   Certified Specialist on Power Systems i  V7R2

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